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The changes I make in my quotes.js files are not reflecting. Please help

Question asked by Kushank Jain on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Francesca Shiekh

I follow the steps below to make changes in js file

1. access Quotes -  /var/www/Vhost/SugarCrm/modules/Quotes

2.Then in quotes.js I add this code alert('test');

3. Under Admin-Repair I did the following:

a.Quick Repair and Rebuild

b. Repair JS Files

c.Rebuild JS Compressed Files

d. Rebuild JS Grouping Files

e. Rebuild Minified JS Files


There is no effect on the UI on front end even after I try this, can you help me out pointing what I am doing wrong?



When I either edit the modules/Quotes/tpls/EditViewFooter.tpl in my local, or I replace the stock modules/Quotes/quotes.js (note, not custom) with the custom file, I see the button.

Since this customization involves editing a stock file, this customization will not pass Sugar On-Demand's package scan. This is the reason we  are not seeing the customization in the OnDemand instance.

Anybody can help in this?