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PDFManager not adding new pages for pagebreak

Question asked by Varun Nath A V on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by James West

I have created a PDF template for Quotes Module using PdfManager. In the PdfManager editor, I couldn't see the pagebreak icon. So I have added the "pagebreak" as a new value for "buttonConfig3" for the "default" config value in "src/include/SugarTinyMCE.php". Then I could see the "Pagebreak" icon in the editor. I added a pagebreak in the HTML, but on generating the PDF no new pages are created for the pagebreak. I have checked the HTML source for the newly created PDF template and found out that the HTML source for "pagebreak" as "<p><!-- pagebreak --></p>"



I am using sugarCRM 7.6. Does anyone came across this issue?