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Scheduling reports on a set day of month?

Question asked by Juho Heikkilä on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Sami Kaksonen

Is there a way to schedule creating reports on a set day of month?


In Reports, the scheduling has drop-down options like daily, weekly, every 2 weeks and every 4 weeks. These are fixed periods, defined in minutes or seconds. Actual months however, come in various lengths and in many cases, the reports would be needed monthly, rather than over a fixed period of time. Like, getting a report for last month on the first day of each month. Or third, Or last.


In scheduled tasks it would be possible to schedule a task in such a way (using direct cron scheduling via advanced options), but all the report generation is (as far as I know) done using the same scheduled task, which is just ran often enough, and then it checks which reports need to be run. But this needs to be set to run at least as often as the most frequently ran report.


I find it unlikely that we would be the first to run into this use-case, but I didn't manage to google anything useful. Has anyone else solved this, in a fairly simple and upgrade-safe manner?


(For Sugar 7.6+, Professional, On-demand.)