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Reporting on campaign results.

Question asked by SongJie on Dec 17, 2015
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I noticed that there're lots of questions in the community about troubles of reporting on campaigns, but my questions are a bit specific, so I decided to open a new discussion.


So basically we have a couple of campaign, one of them is Monthly Newsletter, which we send out a newsletter in email to our clients every month. Now we wanna generate a report on who has viewed the email each month, simple as that, but can't seem to get it.


Now if I click "View Status" in the Monthly Newsletter campaign, I got the following statistics for the latest email newsletter "Nov 2015 Newsletter": we have 102 views.



Now I want a report to see who are these 102 people who's viewed our email, and when they viewed them. To generate the report, I choose "Summation Report with Details" and I did the following set up:

1. Filters:

We want to see only the viewed messages under the campaign of Monthly Newsletter


2. Define Group

Group the report by email newsletter subject, so I'll know which email is sent on which month



3. Choose Display Summaries


This is the party where I get a bit lost - what exactly is Count here? Count of viewed messages? Apparently not.

4. Choose Display columns

Some details about the client and when they viewed the message



I didn't include any chart. And below is the report generated:


Now I have questions:

1. How come emails from other Campaign (in this case "Conference Call") is also in the report while I've specifically filtered for Viewed Messages from "Monthly Newsletter" in step 1?

2. How come the count here are completely off? In the View status (1st graph in the post), Nov 2015 newsletter have 102 views, and now Count = 921?!

3. For Oct 2015 newsletter, Harry and Edel managed to open the email in... March 2015, 7 months before the newsletter is sent out?!


I figure the report includes activities of our clients UP TO a certain month, which is not what I'm looking for, and that's why I group the activities by email subject in the first place. So can any one teach me how to generate a report where I can see who has viewed our email under a specific campaign? I really couldn't think of other ways solve the problems I've encountered above...


Thanks in advance!