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where clause in selection-list view

Question asked by on Dec 15, 2015
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Hi All,

I would like to filter a related record when users tried to link between the two.

I saw orderBy clause inside root/modules/modulename/clients/base/views/selection-list.php

I was able to modify the orderBy clause but I couldn't modify the where clause.


I used the following keywords in that selection-list.php







none of them work for me. I also supplied the array for the where condition.

this is what I tried as the where parameters :

where_keyword_that_listed_above => 'tablename.field = 'Active';

where_keyword_that_listed_above => array("tablename.field = 'Active'",),

where_keyword_that_listed_above => array('equals' => array('field' => 'status', 'value' => 'Active',),),


Since none of those work for me then I moved on to the before_filter logic hooks for that module


I placed it in custom/modules/modulename/

here is the logic_hook.php


here is the oppProjCustomHook.php


however I didn't see anything in the log. I do notice that the before_filter is not meant to display any output and I think logging it is not considered displaying any output.


so two questions:

1. Can I add where clause to the selection-list view?

2. when is the before_filter trigger? I tried to refresh the parent record and also when I went to the Selection-List view (by clicking the Link existing record button in subpanel).