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SugarCRM Enterprise 7.5 showing Loading.. screen after Installation

Question asked by ranjith0310 on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by deasy natalia

Hi I have Installed SugarCRM Entrprise Edition 7.5 Version, it just shows Loading screen after completion of Installation and it had two js errors on console.


1. GET http://localhost/SugarEnt/rest/v10/metadata/public?type_filter=&module_filter=&platform=base 500 (Internal Server Error)send @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:29B.extend.ajax @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:29_.extend.execute @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:38call @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:38getMetadata @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:38app.augment.sync @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:40(anonymous function) @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:38i @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:38_init @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:38init @ sidecar.min.js?v=gW_2HCLTNjbagBgg4fNs9A:38(anonymous function) @ (index):46



2. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'url' of undefined


I have enabled the rewrite module in apache server and checked the RewriteBase in .htaccess looks fine as mentioned in the other posts related to loading screen error. And i dont think this would be file permission error as i am installing it in my local windows system.


My Configuration settings are

Apache : 2.4.4

PHP : 5.4.16

MySQL : 5.6.12


Can any help me out fixing this issue. Please find the screen shot of the error attached.


Thanks in Advance.