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Error when upgrading from to

Question asked by on Dec 14, 2015
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I'm getting the following error when running the silent upgrade script:

Health check passed (green flags). Please refer to the log file /srv/sugar/silentUpgrade-PRO-  
* Are you sure you want to continue? (Yes/No) yes
***************         Step "healthcheck" OK - 75 seconds
***************         Step "pre" OK - 81 seconds
***************         Step "commit" OK - 87 seconds
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method WorkFlowTriggerShell::get_workflow_object() in /srv/sugar/modules/Opportunities/include/OpportunitySetup.php on line 522
***************         Step "post" FAILED! - 191 seconds

OpportunitySetup.php seems to be a file which is included in the upgrade package. If I look into WorkFlowTriggerShell.php, I cannot find a method called "get_workflow_object()". The closest name I can find is "get_workflow_type()". This error occurs only when there's a record with rel_module = 'opportunities' in workflow_triggershells table. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Could this be a bug in the upgrade script or am I doing something wrong? Btw, I ran the silent installer on a clean install of SugarCRM Before starting the upgrade I created a workflow.