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Need input on building a highly available setup in aws

Question asked by nokio on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by Chad Walstrom

Hi all,


I want to build a highly available setup of sugarcrm in aws (nothing too special).

There are a few small thing probably more specific to sugarcrm that I need input from you!


There will be a load balancer (ELB) that will be distributing load to 3 apache server.

There will be 3 apache servers

There will be an elasticsearch cluster (3 node cluster) on the side for sugarcrm to talk to.

There will be 3 memcached server for sessions storage.

Finally, there will be a rds mysql instance in multi-az.


Of course all of the apache/elasticsearch/memcached server will also be in multiple az. For those less familiar on aws terminologie. AZ (availability zone)is a term used to refer to multiple data center. Even though they are in different data center they share a fast low latency network.


The objective is that if I loose a single machine or even a complete AZ, I want sugarcrm to keep running with no downtime.



Now to my questions:


I saw in quite a few post that people have been using nfs to share sugarcrm code between web server. Can I go on without it? That would be a single point of failure in my setup.

Considering that development is done on a single server. Can I juste tar the code or even better git clone on each web server and then do a build and repair on each web server and be done with it?


Regarding the cron.php. If each server has the code locally I guess I need to run the cron.php on every of my web server?




Thanks in advance for your time and help !