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How to get a single PDF as an output for multiple reports

Question asked by Devang Mehta on Dec 9, 2015

Hello All,

I am implementing one feature where I want to have a single PDF as an output. (which is actually concatenation of multiple report output).


For eg :

When we print any report as a PDF, we are passing "report id" in a function to generate a pdf. By default sugar is using tcpdf class for that.

Now here user case is, want to append one more report output with first report using tcpdf class only.

By overriding one OR two tcpdf function is OK for me , but it looks like have to manage it in many places and feels like a new development instead of customization.


Anyone is having idea that if tcpdf is providing such facility OR someone has go through the case in past and solve it.

Suggestion Or solution is highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!