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cache/file_map.php cache/class_map.php

Question asked by Daniel Alexander Montoya Herrera on Dec 9, 2015



Since December 7th 2015, the files cache/file_map.php cache/class_map.php are changing their permissions to -rw------- and some times their get root as woner.


If I deleted the content of cache folder, sugar generate it with full 777 permissions and apache owner. But one minute later, this two files get read only permissions, first happen to class_map.php, one minute later to file_map.php, some times this two files are getting root owner.



when this happen on sugar 7.6.1 Ent, the name of the record on record view for sidecard modules disapear and for bwc modules, the list view is not render.


If I change permissions for this two files sugar works, but one minute later their get read only again.


I have several sugar instances on this server 6.5.22 to 7.6.1 and CE, Pro and Ent. Only happen to 7.6.1, I didn't find this two files on other version of sugar. I also have two other instances of sugar 7.6.1 pro but they does not have this files, one of them only create this files when I create a record some times.