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SugarBean.load_relationships, Error Loading relationship (emailmarketing)

Question asked by Daniel Noormohamed on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Daniel Noormohamed

SugarCRM 7.6 on Windows 2012 with IIS + SQL Server.


Having a bit of a situation with the campaign part of SugarCRM. When I do the following..


1. Go to the campaign list (#bwc/index.php?module=Campaigns&action=index)

2. Go into a campaign (#bwc/index.php?module=Campaigns&offset=1&stamp=1449588937097045800&return_module=Campaigns&action=DetailView&record=a13ff833-6dc1-47c1-de51-5666bfaed7f9)

3. Go to View Status (#bwc/index.php?module=Campaigns&action=TrackDetailView&record=a13ff833-6dc1-47c1-de51-5666bfaed7f9)

4. I only see the following details about the campaign, the big chart that appears below it and message queue. Ive attached a image as reference.


12/08/15 11:41:48 [1552][1][DEBUG] SugarBean[Campaign].load_relationships, Loading relationship (emailmarketing).

12/08/15 11:41:48 [1552][1][DEBUG] SugarBean[EmailMarketing].load_relationships, Loading relationship (emailmarketing).

12/08/15 11:41:48 [1552][1][DEBUG] SugarBean.load_relationships, Error Loading relationship (emailmarketing)

12/08/15 11:41:48 [1552][1][DEBUG] Hook called: EmailMarketing::process_record


any help is appreciated. Ive done a rebuild, rebooted the machine, checked the permissions still no joy!