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New relationship not showing in layout

Question asked by SongJie on Dec 7, 2015
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Hi all,


I have a couple of questions regarding relationship in CRM.


I needed to create a relationship as part of a remediation to my previous question regarding a Flex Relate field. Firstly, I noticed that the relationship I wanted to create is already there, however I can't seem to find it anywhere in the layout of either Meetings or Prospect module:


Therefore I followed the tutorials on Sugar Support to create a new relationship (in this case I'm mapping Meetings to Prospects, Many to Many in order to avoid duplication) :



According to the tutorials, I'm supposed to see the relate field for the meetings module "automatically be added to the layout due to the relationship", however I couldn't see it neither in the Fields nor Record View in Layout. My question is, how can we actually see a relationship, either new or old, in the layout?


Additional information, we have an existing Flex Relate field called "Related to (old)", which allow user to choose the Contacts / Prospects / Leads /.... to any Meeting record. That's exactly the piece of information we're looking for except that it is not "Reportable" being a Flex Relate field (which I strong recommend Sugar team to enable this function!). However despite being a one-way connection Flex Relate field, "Related to (old)" seems to connect Meetings and Contacts / Prospects / Leads /.... in two-way direction. I suspect the exiting relationship of "opportunity_meetings" as show in the first picture did the trick, and therefore block any subsequent new relationship trying to establish connection between, say Meetings and Prospects? Not sure that's tru but just thinking out loud.


It'll be great if someone can help us. My colleague and I have spent enough time on this and can't seem to find a solution.