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Change in header links does not apply when i click on modules listview or detailview?

Question asked by umar.akhlaq on Dec 6, 2015

I am trying to change the header by modifying or adding the new global control links..
-When i click on logo of sugarcrm home page open with url sugarcrm/index.php?module=Home&action=index&changeHome=true and my newly made global control links is present

- But when i click on any module for example contacts it redirects me to contacts listview n then url changes sugarcrm/index.php?action=ajaxui#ajaxUILoc=index.php%3Fmodule%3DContacts%26action%3Dindex%26parentTab%3DSales
now my newly added global control link disappers. if anyone know this problem do reply. Thankyou