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How to display "Related To" when exporting meetings / calls?

Question asked by SongJie on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Brett Thomason

Hi there


In our team, when we record a meeting or a call, we usually put in the Prospect name under the "Related To" field in the page. And we can see the "Related To" column in main page of Meetings or Calls


However when I select all the meetings records and export them into a CSV file, I get all sorts of not-so-useful columns (i.e. Assigned User ID, ID, meeting password etc.) but I can't see "Related To" anywhere, which might be the most important piece of information I need.


Can anyone tell me how can I capture all the info under "Related To" when exporting the meetings or calls list please? Or simply, how can I export the piece of information that shows who did I have the meeting / call with?


Thanks in advance!