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How can we insert records belonging to multiple modules in to custom subpanel in sugarcrm 7.6

Question asked by Anand Chitikela on Dec 3, 2015



     I have created a subpanel by following

How to create a subpanel in sugarcrm 7.6 in Accounts module.



     I have created an custom field-relatedaccount_c(related to accounts module)field in the Calls/Meetings/Tasks modules.This field appears only when the Parent Type="Projects" for the calls/Meetings/Tasks.So in the accounts module i want a Project Activities subpanel in which we can see all the list of calls/meetings/tasks whose parent type is Projects and  have relatedaccount_c.This is something similar to the history subpanel in sugarcrm 6.Gustav LindströmShijin KrishnaAjay Kumar Prashant Patel


    I want to insert a query like

SELECT FROM calls as calls_result

LEFT JOIN calls_cstm cc ON AND calls_result.deleted=0

LEFT JOIN accounts a ON AND a.deleted='0' WHERE calls_result.parent_type='P_Projects' AND'e716f666-4035-afde-b44f-55fc77b09254'


SELECT meetings_result .id FROM meetings as meetings_result

LEFT JOIN meetings_cstm mm ON meetings_result .id=mm.id_c AND meetings_result .deleted=0

LEFT JOIN accounts ac ON AND ac.deleted='0' WHERE meetings_result .parent_type='P_Projects' AND'e716f666-4035-afde-b44f-55fc77b09254'


SELECT tasks_result .id FROM tasks as tasks_result

LEFT JOIN tasks_cstm tt ON tasks_result .id=tt.id_c AND tasks_result .deleted=0

LEFT JOIN accounts acc ON AND acc.deleted='0' WHERE tasks_result .parent_type='P_Projects' AND'e716f666-4035-afde-b44f-55fc77b09254'


Reference:Shane Dowling – SugarCRM 7 - Custom subpanels

to retreive the ids of the meetings,tasks,calls so that they can be inserted in to my subpanel at the funtion

protected function getCustomJoin($params = array())


   $bean_id = $this->db->quoted($this->focus->id);

   $sql = " INNER JOIN(";

   $sql .= "SELECT id FROM accounts WHERE id={$bean_id}"; // This is essentially a select statement that will return a set of ids that you can match with the existing sugar_query
   $sql .= ") accounts_result ON =";

   return $sql;