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Group function available?

Question asked by CT_HBR on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by CT_HBR

Hi all,


in the CRM I worked with before, there was a very comfy "group" functionality. Once you set up a group by giving it a name and a category and authorise it to the colleagues you wanted to share it with, you could easily fill in contacs and companies. Either by filtering and loading in the result or directly in the contact/company detail view where all existing groups showed up.


In the groups module I could edit the group members, too, copy them to a new group etc. The groups were also a criteria to be included or excluded in filtering, could be merged or subtracted into a new group and could be used as a base for campaigns or export. All in all, quite practical and easy to handle.


I miss this function in SugarCRM as far as I can oversee it. We will upgrade to 7.6.1 in Q1, but I don't see something like this, as mighty as SugarCRM might be otherwise. Contact lists seems to point in that direction, but the contact lists are not shown or editable in the contacts/companies view.


Anyone who has good news on that, or some kind of workaround?


Thanks :-)