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How to filter with fetch?

Question asked by spark2 on Dec 1, 2015
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EDIT: Never mind, fixed it. Is there a central and public bug tracking repository for SugarCRM? Because it would be really, really beneficial to know what bug fixes have been indentified and what haven't.




I found the following code as part of the SugarCRM core.  It's used for fetching notes with a specific (by using filter). However, it does not work, it always returns nothing even though I am 100% certain the template exists. If I remove the filter part, I get ALL the notes in the system. I'm suspecting it's a bug in SugarCRM, but not sure. Is there any other way to achieve the same thing? Do I need to write a custom REST API (hoping to avoid that).


If someone could point be in the right direction that'd be great.










                success:_.bind(function(data) {





                    if (this.disposed === true) return; //if view is already disposed, bail out

                console.log('view not disposed');

                if (!_.isEmpty(data.models)) {



                }, this),

                error: _.bind(function(error) {


                }, this)