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Has anyone customized SugarCRM for a non-profit?

Question asked by Tim Turnquist on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by Rolustech Support

I know of several non-profit organizations that could really use SugarCRM to streamline their meager resources, but it is awkward to use as is. Thus, I am contemplating creating a version specifically designed for 501(C)3's that would have modules to track Donor activities -- calls, emails, gifts, etc -- and Volunteer activities -- including talents & skills, times available and evens and hours volunteered. I am also considering tying it to an open-source accounting package like GNUCash to seamlessly connect finances in one easy to use package.


My vision is to put my code on GIT so that anyone could use it, create deeper customizations and make those available to all.


Has anyone already done any or all of this customization? Or do you work with one or more non-profits and you have some ideas for special requirements?


I would appreciate any and all feedback on this idea.