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Teams Grouping

Question asked by on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by jshaheen

I have 23 sales reps and each rep has a geographical sales territory. I have created a team for each territory so that each rep is assigned to their geographical territory and have access to all records in that territory. However, the 23 sales reps/territories are broken down into 3 separate sales teams, each having their own manager. My question is this: how can I group these 23 sales territories into 3 sales teams? For example 10 sales teams form 'Sales Team 1,' 10 sales teams form 'sales team 2,' and 3 teams form 'sales team 3.' From a reporting perspective, I can't currently filter out each sales team. I have to manually filter by team and select each user that I am trying to report on.


how can i achieve this?