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Default filter for all users on a particular module

Question asked by Anand Chitikela on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by Rodolfo Jesus



     I need a filter for accounts module such that any user who logs in to the accounts module can view a filter in the list view as in the attachment.


     The process i followed is i have created a filter in the UI.Then I have taken the  filter definition from the db(filters table )for which i have created manually from the UI


     Then i have run a query like INSERT INTO filters(id,name,deleted,created_by,filter_definition,filter_template,module_name)values('3b72fdc8-31c1-ce3a-40cc-5632036a20cc',' Test','0','1(another user id)','[]','[{"name":{"undefined":""}},{"account_type":{"undefined":""}},{"industry":{"undefined":""}}]','Accounts')


     So that it would be available to the another user id for whom we have run the query


     The filter is displaying on the box where we can select our filter for the other user whom we have run the query.But i want it to get displayed for the all users as soon as he opens the list view of the module as in the attachement


     The second issue is i am making to execute the above query in the after/before save logic hook in the users module

But neither


$db         = DBManagerFactory::getInstance();       

$result     = $db->query();




$GLOBALS->db is doing my work.


Can you please provide insights for me into this.Shijin Krishna@