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Workflow with Multiple Task Creation Very Slow

Question asked by Jeff C on Nov 25, 2015

    I've got a workflow that when a case is assigned to a user, it creates 22 tasks for that case.  Initially, whenyou saved the case, it took about 10 seconds or so to run the workflow and come back to the case view, which is still a long delay.  It's gotten a bit worse, like 20 seconds.  Hosted on a VPS SSD Solution with

  • 10.5GB RAM
  • Guaranteed 2.625 CPU Cores
  • Burst Up to 7.875 CPU Cores
  • Guaranteed 1400 Sustained IOPS
  • Burst Up to 3500 IOPS


There's nothing else intensive running on the box. MySQL my.cnf has been tuned, etc.  Do I need more hardware horsepower or is SugarCRM just not very efficient at running a workflow that involves creating multuple tasks?  There's max 2 users using the system at a time.