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In a selfrelationship two panels are expected but only one is shown

Question asked by Jaume Albaigès on Nov 24, 2015
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Two years ago I submitted to SugarCRM what I thought it was a bug:


On June 2014 I got a message from SugarCRM saying this would be solved in CE 6.5.18. But I feel it never was... So, I have a couple of questions:


1) Is there any possibility of this bug (if it really is a bug) being solved in the (near) future? It would be great to have an answer from somebody at SugarCRM (maybe Alex Nassi or Alan Beam?).


2) For the rest of the world, below you will find the bug explanation. Any ideas on a workaround for this issue?


When a many to many relationship is set between two modules, one new subpanel appears in the detail view of each module. This is the expected behaviour.

When a many to many relationship is set over a single module (ie, a selfrelationship) one would expect to get two new subpanels in the detail view of that module. In fact, SugarCRM allows setting two names for two subpanels when defining the relationship. However, only one subpanel is shown.

Let me provide an example. I would like to set a many to many selfrelationship in accounts module in order to set membership relationships between them. One single account could be member of some others, while others could be members of that one. Is a similar feature to the one-to-many relationship provided by SugarCRM as a default one, but replacing the "one-to" part by a "many-to". By creating this relationship one would expect two new subpanels in the account detail view. In the first subpanel there should be listed the accounts that the main one belongs to and in the second subpanel the accounts that belong to the main one.


Thank you very much!