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Complex mapping

Question asked by on Nov 23, 2015
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Hi all,


I have something which I hope that someone can help with. I'm a fairly advanced SugarCRM user with a good knowledge of Studio, but this one is proving rather testing


I have a need to map a situation in Sugar along the following lines:


  • A company contracts out services for departments A, B, C, D etc. These contracts have providers, and an expiry date.
  • In Sugar, I want to be able to see when these contracts expire...
  • ... and which companies are taking out a contract with which provider


what I have done so far is to create a subpanel, where I can add a new/existing provider, assign them to a department, and give their contract an expiry date.


The problem is that in doing that, I am assigning a dept/expiry date to the provider. It means that when I look up other companies who use that provider, the dept/expiry date is set from when I edited it previously.


What I'm trying to do is add a provider to the company, but then create a dept and expiry date specific to the relationship between company and provider.


I'm racking my brain trying to think of how to do this in Sugar - does anyone have any ideas...?