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Can't use the Contact field in Views and Dashboards anymore?

Question asked by sbsadmin on Nov 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Lori Arce

Ever since the most recent upgrade, I can't see "contacts" as a column in any of the default views for Calls or Meetings. I can see Account, Address info, status, etc - but I can't see the actual name of the contact! This renders these views virtually useless. When I go to select columns, I can see everything right down to contact ID (the 50 digit letter number ID of the contact) but not the actual contact name. I am running into the same thing with Dashlets. I have a case open with Sugar but no one really seems to know whats up and they're going to have to hack it or customize something to make it work.


Is it just me, or does it seem really odd that a Customer Relationship Management system doesn't allow you to display the most important field - the customer - in the main views?


Is anyone else seeing this or running into it?

Would love some other feedback. This is a gamebreaker for us and Sugar. My company already wants me to look at other solutions.