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Remove confirmation popup when using relate field to populate other fields?

Question asked by Juho Heikkilä on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Juho Heikkilä

Is there some way of removing confirmation popups when using an added relate field to populate other fields in Opportunities?


We are using relate fields to bring in default values from a custom module. However, since the use-case contains more than one relate field, we would need to make the user experience more fluent by removing the confirmation popup which comes when the relate field item is selected.


(If the confirmation box only appeared for fields that the user would have entered data already, it would be ok, but it seems to appear even if the fields to be populated have not been entered any data yet.)


The development is for an on-demand Sugar Professional (currently 7.6.1)

Based on HOWTO: Using a relate field to populate a custom field « Sugar Developer Portal – SugarCRM