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Performance Tuning - Apache & PHP Tweaks Make Much Difference?

Question asked by Jeff C on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by jsmith

I'm running Community 6.5 on a VPS with 1.8 cores Xeon and 7.5GB RAM and virtually nothing else intensive going on with the server.  I think my my.cnf MySQL config is decent if the innodb buffer set to 2GB for one thing.  I've seen some info out there about turning keepalive on in Apache and setting the PHP to use memcache for session values instead of files.  Are these types of Apache and PHP settting going to make much of a difference if I've only got maybe 2-3 people using Sugar on this platform at a time. There's not a bunch of repeating complicated workflows going on or anything, but I've got one workflow that creates 21 tasks at it has to chug away for about 6 seconds before it comes back.  That seems slow to me.  But maybe that's just how Sugar is.  The VPS has SSD RAID but who know how many other disk intensive hosts are running on it as it seems the drive storage would be the bottleneck - so I would assume getting more cores is really the answer if I want the intensive MySQL queries to run faster?