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Advanced reports requirements

Question asked by Erika Alvarez on Nov 17, 2015
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I have read all the support information about “Advanced Report” tool and I do not see if there is a way to do the following: 


1. Send parameters to the queries to be applied in the “Where” clause in the query for example:

Select *

From pmse_bpm_form_action

Where .date_entered = “04/11/2015” 

We need that the date_entered field be variable instead of a constant in the query. Is there a way to do this? Can you share the information? 


2. Create different kind of reports like: Summarize, Summarize with details and Matrix not just the Table kind. 


3. To have a graph in the report.  I will really appreciate if you can clarify if this is posible with the Advanced Report tool and share any additional information about the topic.