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Run Workflow Once Per Case

Question asked by Jeff C on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Ishani Lad

I'm not totally clear on the repeat option in the workflow setup.


I've got a workflow that runs whenever a case is modified.  I want it to run on each case until the conditions are met.  Once the condititions are met on the case (which triggers a bunch of tasks being created) I don't want it to even run again.


Right now, I have a custom field call it 'tasks created already'


So the rules on the case are  - check everytime it's modified and run workflow IF:


- Assigned user is not empty AND the 'tasks created already' doesn't have any value


One of the workflows tasks is to place a value of '1' in the 'tasks created already' box and then create all the tasks. 


I'm finding that under some yet to be determined circumstance, the workflow is being re-triggered so then I end up with a duplicate set of tasks.


The workflow creates like 21 case tasks.  Recently I've seen a circumstance where the server has returned an error 500 before coming back from finishing the workflow yet all the tasks are there.


Seems like the workflow system is can be buggy?