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How can I use custom system filters in code

Question asked by Jennleigh Villanueva on Nov 15, 2015

Help please!


I created a custom filter which has this code:

$viewdefs["class_tif"]['base']['filter']['leasesnotinqueue'] = array(

    'create' => true,

    'filters' => array(


            'id' => 'leasesnotinqueue',

            'name' => 'LBL_LEASES_NOT_IN_QUEUE',

            'filter_definition' => array(


                    'user_id2_c' => array('$not_equals' => '91efca5d-1540-e6fe-5f77-5641504e897d'),

                    'tif_status_c' => array('$not_in' => array('In MRI')),



            'editable' => false,





Now, I want to retrieve this in a custom dashboard that I've created. How? FYI, I am able to get the user filters by initializing the Filters() class and getting the filter by ID