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Populate SugarCRM with bunch of LDAP users to make them existing without having to log-in first

Question asked by Jeff Girard on Nov 13, 2015
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Context: We are using SugarCRM (7.6) with the LDAP connector to get our users, known in our Active Directory, authenticated in the application (we are not yet live, actually in development).


The way it works natively in Sugar is that upon the first user connection of a valid "Active Directory person", if the user doesn't have a "sugarcrm user" it gets automatically created.


The problem we have: We have to prepare and setup some configurations regarding our people (~300 users), like differents notions of teams, ACL, etc. But given the fact that user get created upon login, we are searching a way to just automatically feed SugarCRM with all the expected users, to let us do setup differents configurations regarding them.


What is the best pratice and the proper way to get our users already pre-created without having all of them log-in one after the other? (no no, we will not ask to 300 people to just connect for the pleasure , surely we can automate this hehe!)


What we are looking as possibles solutions for now: Creating a script which will connect with LDAP into our AD and just POST them to SugarCRM using the REST API... (is this making sense, or not?)


Thanks for the help!