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On click of save it is ignoring confirmation box

Question asked by chetali09 on Nov 13, 2015

I am working on a code where on click of Save button in Account's create view, I need to ask for the confirmation to the user and it is like: If website field is left blank then I am displaying a confirmation box. If user clicks on Cancel then Save shouldn't be allowed and if he clicks on Confirm Save will be allowed



  extendsFrom : 'CreateActionsView',


  initialize: function(options){


  this.context.on('button:save_button:click', this.webconfirmation, this);


  webconfirmation: function(){

  var value = this.model.get('website');

  if(value == "" || value == undefined || value == null) {'message-id', {

  level: 'confirmation',

  messages: 'Website field is blank. Do you want to proceed?',

  autoClose: false,

  onConfirm: function(){








From the above code, I am getting the alert but before clicking on Cancel or Confirm save is happening on the background.