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Many-to-many relationship between records of the same module

Question asked by Piotr Pryzmont on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by Juho Heikkilä

How to correctly create in code a many-to-many relationship between records of the same module with 2 subpanels?

Important requirements:

  • I need 2 subpanels, each for the different sides of the relationship. e.g. I have Record A and Record B in Accounts module and I'm in Record A view. I'm using the Subpanel 1 to link to Record B.  This way Record B should be visible under Subpanel 1 in Record A only. At the same time Record A should be visible in Subpanel 2 of Record B only.


At the moment every time I link two records my database table get 2 new entries where the ids are simply reversed. The linked records are shown in all subpanels.