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pages not appearing correctly

Question asked by crm_research on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by crm_research

I've just installed SugarCE-6.5.22


Onto WHM/Cpanel, CENTOS 6.7 64 Bit, PHP Version 5.3.29, MySql, Client Api 5.6.27, SQLite Library


What other system/library information might be needed to troubleshoot?


The installation seemed to go fine, and once I go to the login page, and subsequent pages, they do not

appear correctly, there are vast large white space and what I assume are missing objects/elements.


There is an occasional appearance of the word "undefined" in the pages as well.


I do have Sugar installed, into a folder, NOT NAMED sugarcrm (or whatever the default folder name is)
I am hoping that is an acceptable practice, or does it need to be in that folder?


I had a server admin, review error logs and apparently here are some of the issues:


(full_path_not_displayed_for_security_reasons )


"home/username/public_html/ pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable"



File does not exist: /home/username/public_html/,


also, I uploaded a customer logo file, however it is NOT displaying, it appears as a broken-image.


I'm guessing the issues with the .htaccess file is contributing to why the pages are not being generated and/or displaying correctly.


Please advise as to how I might trouble shoot this, or is this a matter of reinstalling everything clean again?


thank you in advance for any and all help and suggestions.