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Bring Attachment In As Document Instead of Note

Question asked by Jeff C on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Alan Beam

When an email is sent to be associated with a case, I want the system to import any attachment files as Documents associated with the case instead of Notes so the attachments appear in the Documents subpanel not burried in History Subpanel > Click on Email > Click on Attachment


I found the function saveAttachements in InboundEmail.php


One challenge is that if an email is composed in Sugar with an attachment I don't want the outbound email attachment saved as a document to the case.  It should still be a note associated with that email.


Seems the only solution is to add a function in InBoundEmail.php to create the document from the attachment instead of the note.  Then I will have duplicate copies of the file, one in notes and one in documents, but I can live with that.


Maybe there would be a way to add a custom field (or use an existing field) that identified the email record in the case as either an inbound or outbound email. If it was outbound, get the attachment from Notes, if it was inbound, get the attachment from Documents.