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Related field names not showing from API

Question asked by on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by Matt Marum

I've had this a few times and never found an answer.  I [sometimes] find that a query from an API will not return me the name of the related field, only the ID.


Here is an example:


Front end:



API call using POSTMAN:


Names are filled out here OK...


API call using C# program:



Note how the enh_po_pricematrix_c and enh_so_pricematrix_c is empty string.


I've also found this before when using javascript from within Sugar.


Anyone know why? it's a lot more cumbersome to do another lookup on ID or related module.

I've figured out that price_pricematrix_id1_c is id for enh_so_pricematrix_c and price_pricematrix_id_c is enh_po_pricematrix_c.