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Create a custom before import script

Question asked by Mary Warner on Nov 9, 2015
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Sugar 7.6.0 Professional, On-Site


I am creating a custom module that my users will import records to on a monthly basis.  It would be nice to have a custom "before_import" script that would help clean the data before it entered the system.    The import file would be a csv.


What I would like is to have the user goes to import, and selects the option in "To use pre-set import settings, select from below" it would have the clean up script appended to the action that calls the import_maps database record.


Has anyone attempted this before? 

Are there any pointers that you have about doing this without breaking my system? 

As I said before this is for a custom module, so I only want this logic related to that module.  


If this is not the best way to handle this, does someone have any ideas on how to do this?

Currently every month our users spend hours cleaning data before they are about to import into the report builder that they are currently using.  Since we are looking at the same filters every time it seems logical to just automate the whole deal and prevent user error.