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Does anyone know what the best way to get a quick summary of an account without having to look at Notes, Tasks, Calls, etc to find the most current status.

Question asked by Jesica Trejo on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Alan Beam

I have many different type of accounts... 3rd party resellers (our customers), End Users, Consultants, Competitors, Tech Partners, Investors, etc. We have relationships with all of them and create notes, meetings, tasks, calls for all of them. Not only does our Sales department use Sugar for adding notes, tasks, calls, etc but our Sales Engineers and Support use it too. It takes a long time to go into an account and go through all of the sub panels just to see the most current status. Currently we created a free text field where we have the sales person typing in what the current status is. I was just wondering if others have a similar issue and how you are able to set up your CRM for Managers/Executives to get an at a glance view of an account in a way that you are not doing double entry.