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Search issues in the new community platform

Discussion created by Jeff C on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by Alex Nassi
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Am I missing something?  There's a point, and I'm not sure how I got there where there's a link to 'search all results' or something and the search always brings up nothing, even for the most basic keywords.


Also, when you type a question and get the similar question list, when you go into read a question then click the 'take me back' link at the top, you lose the list of all the similar questions.


The main purpose of the community is to get the right information quickly and easily.  I realize there's going to be an 'adjustment period' but so far I'm finding this new system inferior to the old one in that sense.  Did you do any user usability testing?  The search functionality seems to be a very big step backwards from the old system in my few days experience with it thus far.