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Results limited by date unwillingly with K Reports group pluggin

Question asked by Jonathan Goodman on Nov 3, 2015

I wondering if anyone could help me figure out an issue we're having with a kreport using the group view plug in?


We're using the pluggin to group open opportunities by their sales rep together with an expected close data between Oct 2015 and Sept 2016.


When the results are displayed we can see many records matching the criteria and they are grouped by the sales rep as expected. The only issue is that when I inspect the results further I've noticed that the results being displayed are from a smaller date range than the dates set in the manipulate tab. I've double checked that the dates set are right but it seems to show results from Apr 2016 to Sept 2016. If I sorted the dates from asc to desc the records shown in the report go from Oct 2015 to Mar 2016.


I'm not sure why this is happening. Theres no pagination or limit on the number of results.


Basically when the data range is Oct 15 to Sept 16 there doesn't seem to be results from Apr 16 to Sept 16 but when I changed the date range to Apr 16 to Sept 16 there are records found. This tells me there is data that matches by initial query but it's not being displayed for some reason.


Any ideas?