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Adding an invitee by code results in a deleted entry in database

Question asked by Chris Hall on Oct 31, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2015 by Shijin Krishna

Tried many ways of adding users or contacts to a meeting by code in a before/after save logic hook. This is based on posts in the forum(s) that show various methods. Starting with recommended progressing to brute force. All fail with the same end result. The object in the meetings_users or meetings_contacts table is set to deleted.



$user      = new User();


$focus->set_accept_status($user, "accept");


Brute Force:

$focus->db->query("Insert into meetings_users(id,meeting_id,user_id,required,accept_status,date_modified,deleted) values (uuid(),'{$focus->id}','{$userId}',1,'accepted',NOW(),0)");


Replacing $userId with a hard-coded value fails equally.


The DB result in all cases is something like this (deleted column at end):



7cf33e2a-8031-11e5-89d2-005056a339eb38e93221-d786-7f02-2cfd-56355a14c8e540609f6c-2810-5d54-b2bb-52384c61467b1accepted2015-11-01 11:42:541



Any assistance greatly appreciated.