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Creating an opportunity in SugarCRM from another app

Question asked by Oliver Marshall on Oct 31, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2015 by Alan Beam

Hi everyone


We use the community edition of SugarCRM. We also have a custom made web based tool that our engineers use whilst out and about.


We want to give the engineers the ability to create an opportunity in SugarCRM from their engineers tool and have the opportunity somehow reference the job as the source (this can really just be a standard link to the page on the job system).


Is there an API (and some instructions) that we can use to do this? Or is the best way to do this just by creating the records in the SugarCRM DB (I'm guessing not) ?


Lastly, if there's a plugin for Sugar that will easily take a few strings as a post request and put those in to a blank Opportunity page ready for the engineer to hit save, that would be superb and I'll buy someone a metaphorical pint.