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Exciting Changes to the SugarCRM Community!

Discussion created by Alex Nassi Employee on Oct 28, 2015
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I want to start by thanking everyone for all of your participation in the SugarCRM Community. This community consists of thousands of Sugar users, administrators, developers, partners and employees, all coming together to discuss Sugar, ask and answer questions, work through issues, and generally make the Sugar world a better place! This community has been an amazing success, all thanks to YOU!

This success gives us an exciting opportunity for further growth. There have been many functionality requests and suggestions about how to continually improve this community and we at SugarCRM want to provide the best community experience possible. 

We have been using the GetSatisfaction platform to host our community for the last two years and have had a great relationship with them over this time. We have decided that the best path moving forward to meet the growing needs of our community now and in the future is to migrate to a new platform, Jive-X. 

Jive is going to add many new features and what we believe will be an easier way for users to find what they are looking for and interact with the community as a whole. We feel that this will provide a better way for the community to be organized and also includes features that you and other community members have requested that are not currently offered by GetSatisfaction, including:
  • Better organization of conversations and broad topics instead of a constant stream of all conversations
  • Enhanced search functionality 
  • More robust user profiles
  • Better handling of code markups and the ability to choose the coding language
  • Ability to upload files to conversations
  • Private messages between community members
  • @mentioning community members
  • An “inbox” within the community so you can better track your notifications and what you are interested in learning more about
As we make the change, I want to let you know that one of the major initiatives for the changeover is the migration process, with the ultimate goal of making this change as seamless as possible for the community. All conversations, replies, and voting history will be migrated to Jive (save a few select conversations that are being removed for organization and clarity). Also, user profiles will all be migrated over to Jive, including post history. The login/registration process should also be very straightforward, as we will use the existing Single Sign-on method that we use today with 

What this means for you

This migration will require a minimal amount of effort for community members:
  • If you use your login information to log into our current community, you will not need to create an account and will use your existing login credentials (please note, these are not the credentials for your company’s instance of Sugar).

  • If you use any other method to log into our current community, you will need to create a new account through the Jive login window or use your existing account.

    If you do not have an existing account, please create one through the login window using the same email address as you used in GetSatisfaction so that your user information will carry over. If you are given a message that an account already exists with your email address, please use the “Forgot Password” link as necessary.

  • There will be “Getting Started” guides on the front page of the community to help you learn more about Jive and how our new site is laid out.
  • Once the migration is complete, your user profile will need to be updated to include a new profile picture and any modifications to your profile fields that you would like to include.
  • GetSatisfaction uses a “Name” field, whereas Jive uses First and Last Name fields. If your name in GetSatisfaction could not be parsed into a first and last name, your GetSatisfaction Name is going to be listed under your First and Last name. Please update these fields in your profile to show a first and last name to help your fellow community members.
  • As the site organization with regards to categories will change, most of your category follows will carry over to the new “Places” in Jive, but you may want to modify these to best suit your preferences. 
Migration Schedule
  • At 4:00 PM US Pacific Time (GMT-7) on Wednesday, Oct 28th, the community will be placed in a “Read Only” mode. This means that you will be able to search for and read existing posts, but no new content will be added as we will begin the data migration process and want to ensure all content is carried over.
  • The migration will continue through Thursday and early Friday.
  • At approximately 12:00 PM US Pacific Time (GMT-7) on Friday, Oct 30th, will be switched from the GetSatisfaction to Jive. 

This conversation will be migrated as well. Please post any questions about this change as replies on this post (It will be featured on the front page as well). If you are experiencing login issues or cannot otherwise post a conversation to the community, please email and we will help with any issues as fast as possible. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience through this transition. I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I have enjoyed using it so far. I am extremely excited for this next step in the SugarCRM Community!

Alex Nassi
SugarCRM Community Manager