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Problems logging out with SAML

Question asked by Thomas Jones on Oct 25, 2015
Hi I'm using SugarCRM Enterprise and we have successfully authenticated our users with an external IdP using SAML.

The problem we are facing is that when an user logs out nothing happens, the URL updates with index.php#logout/?clear=1 but that's it, the user stay seeing the SugarCRM page that was working on, a few moments ago.

If the user refreshes the page it will show him the login of SugarCRM with a red message:

          Token Expired Your token is invalid or has expired. Please login again.

SugarCRM is calling the logout web page of the IdP but after the IdP clears the sessions and cookies, the IdP it tries to do a request.redirect (java) but nothing happens.

Do you know what is happening?

The IdP in the body of the response what shall include?