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Percentage (based on another field)

Question asked by Stephanie Gelder on Oct 22, 2015

CE 6.5.22 Onsite Install.

I've got a drop down list with 11 options which are all stages of an opportunity, so 5%, 10%, 20% ... 100%  So I can add the drop down list to show the 11 stages in quick and full opportunities, but I want to create an associated percentage field.  So if it's at Stage 1 it auto populates the percentage field with 5%, stage 2 = 10% etc.... I'm not sure how to do this on the CE Edition as there seems to be a Calculated Value field in the paid for version that I am assuming makes this easier... But how do I do it with my own field i've created on CE.

There is a default one, and I assumed I would be able to look in the background of that and spot what it does, but I cannot see anywhere any way of just copying that and having it work... Sorry, any advice or hints on the best place to start looking or if someone has done a guide or similar, and advice would be greatly appreciated :)