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Hide Groups when generating Quote PDF

Question asked by Creed3737 Creed3737 on Oct 21, 2015
We are trying to use the Quote module to run invoices as well as quotes. By this I mean we fill the Quote with all the billable items, then we generate a PDF with it in a Quote template. Then when the invoice is due we use the same content, change the status to invoiced and generate a new PDF with a new template that uses the same data but just has an Invoiced title.

That would work, the problem is that we part invoice mid way through a project quite a lot. The best solution I can come up with is to use different Quote groups with the status, Billed and To be Billed, then make the actual Invoice template only show the group To Be Billed when generating an invoice.

I have had a look at the code in the PDF manger, it looks like I may be able to get the group status from the bundle object, but I am a bit lost after that. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance