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Using Sugar to create a digital sales room board

Question asked by Jack Watt on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Bud Conlin
HI there,

We are a digital publisher, with a direct sales team of about 15 executives and account managers selling ad space on our network of sites.

In the past, we have used whiteboards on the walls to show each person's target and monthly sales. 

However, we want to mount some TVs on the wall, and display the data directly from Sugar, including the the team's financial target, individual targets, confirmed deals etc. etc.

Obviously all this data can be extracted from Sugar and put into dashlets or reports, but how can we get the data presented on the whiteboard, updating dynamically, in an aesthetically pleasing way? It needs to be full screen, rotating between the various reports ideally.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.