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In inquiry module product catalog  popup will be open but showing blank

Question asked by BhaveshBhanushali on Oct 20, 2015

I am using SUGAR CRM CE 6.5.1

I import the inquiry module in my crm.

There is relation ship with product catalog. i click on select button it show me popup but its blank and in error log show

" Query Failed:  SELECT ,  , category_name , product_categories.created_by category_name_owner  , 'ProductCategories' category_name_mod, product_templates.cost_price , product_templates.list_price , product_templates.discount_price , product_templates.created_by  FROM product_templates   LEFT JOIN  product_categories product_categories ON AND product_categories.deleted=0 AND product_categories.deleted=0 where product_templates.deleted=0 ORDER BY  LIMIT 0,21: MySQL error 1054: Unknown column '' in 'order clause'"

"MySQL error 1054: Unknown column '' in 'order clause"

How i can resolved this issue.