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Can you explain Process Author X Workflow ?  - Problem

Question asked by on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by John Harr
I ́m reading the administration guide for  Process Author , and I understand that  the feature Workflow will be discontinued, correct?
Are we not talking about two features together (Process and Workflow Author) ?

I'm looking for an article that answers my questions, but I can ́t find it.

  • First Question:
I can specify  that workflow to applies :

New records Only
Updated records only ( first updated )
Updated records only ( all updated )

Where I specify that the workflow in the process author occurs when:  When records saved  or After time elapsed ?

  • Second question :
Is it possible  a Workflow  on Process Author call and active another Workflow?
Where can I find information on this on administration guide? 

  • Third Question: 
Is it possible a Workflow step on Process Author waiting a human interaction to proceed with the workflow?  How to ?

I'm working in a Sugar Project, these changes  and discontinuation of workflow feature was confused how to use the Process Author  with Workflow . I don ́t find accurate information about function  operation  of two features together Process Author and Workflow.

Thank you!
Verônica Gomes