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show user email address as "from address" in email received by contact

Question asked by Asaf Army on Oct 18, 2015
Hello developers,

i'm using SugarCRM CE 6.5.13

i have 20 users with a different email for each user (Gmail Standarad email).
i configured the General SMTP Email in the "Email Settings" in the Admin panel.

When a user sends an email, the contact receives the email with a "from address" of the Geenral SMTP Email. 
i don't want that, i want the contacts to receive emails with a "from address" of the user email.
so i unchecked "Allow users to use this account for outgoing email" and now the user can't send emails without defining it's own email with an authentication of username and password.

since i have 20 users, i don't want to change passwords all the time, so i don't want to provide authentication details of each user email.

how can i configure a standard gmail emails so that the contacts will receive an email with "from address" of the user email without defining all users emails with username and passwords?