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Update/Move SugarCRM Data

Question asked by Stefan Reise on Oct 16, 2015
Hello to all :)

I got a sugarCRM Version 6.4.2 Build 7513 running. My plan is to setup a new CE Version with the data from the currently running version.

My first problem is that there is no corresponding database listed within the phpmyadmin interface. There is only database "information scheme" & "test". Where to find the real sugarCRM sql database?

Then I just made a sugarCRM system backup. But this includes the whole system data (everthing under htdocs). I found a folder called "upload" within this data, which includes all attachments I uploaded to the sugarCRM. How is the data organized? Why are my attachment stored as files and not in the datanbase?

What I already did: I setup an php sql apache environment (xampp on Windows). Then I just copied the stuff under htdocs from the old sugarCRM into the xampp structure and start to browse the content via a browser. First error I get was that the password is not accepted. So far I was lucky because, thats correct the mysql root passwords are diffrent. Then I just set the password from the old system for the root user of the new system. So far it worked, but the next error was "No sugarcrm database found".

I think the config of the old sugarcrm would like to enter a database called "sugarcrm". But as I told before in the old sql system there is no database called sugarcrm....

Any ideas? Where to find the database? What is typicalle step by step in this case? Why are my attachments separated from the other data? Would the database also include changes I made within the "studio" on the sugarCRM forms?

Please help I am desperate.